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Baby Tadpoles, Terrific Tadpoles, Perfect Pollywogs and Fantastic Frogs – 60 Minute Class
Parent Participation Required

Parents and caregivers participate in this class with their toddlers as they are introduced to new experiences and activities each week. Children strengthen motor skills through equipment play, games, songs and group activities. This is a great opportunity to develop peer interactions, build self esteem and confidence. We encourage the children in class to participate in the activities presented, however, it is not mandatory.  If we are doing something the child does not enjoy, it’s fine to play on the slides or with something else and then join back with us when we switch activities.  Each age group is structured similarly with age appropriate activities throughout the class.  Please click HERE for more information.

Drop ‘n Prep – Two Hour Class, Two Days Per Week
2.5 Years to 4.5 Years
Drop off Class

This is a drop off class and runs for 2 hours each week. During this session, we will play games, sing songs, play with gym equipment, read stories, make crafts and have snacks. This is great opportunity for the children to practice being away from home without Mom and Dad and to play with the other children.  Children do not have to be fully potty trained, but should be in the process of learning about it and we will help them as part of the class.    Please click HERE for more information.

***NOTE – Not all classes are always offered in every session.  See our current schedule for the specific classes that are being offered during the current session.