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New Policies for 2020 Reopening

Please click the links below and read thoroughly prior to registering online

General Information

Whippersnapper’s Play Gym is an indoor play area for children to play, learn, develop and explore.  We offer various classes, open plays and birthday parties.  We also have a day camp program when the Cheshire Public School System is closed.

Class participation is by registration only.  Please click on our Classes page for more information.

See our “Birthday Parties” and “Day Camp” pages for more information on those programs.

Cancellation Policy/ Inclement Weather

During our limited programs due to COVID-19 we have had to update our cancellation policies.  These policies will be updated on a regular basis as state regulations change.

If Whippersnapper’s Play Gym closes or cancels a program due to weather, power, government restrictions or health reasons,  a credit for the amount of the missed activity will be provided to you.  If Whippersnapper’s is open, and you choose not to come in for any reason, your payment is non-refundable and a credit will not be provided.  Make ups for missed classes are not currently permitted and re-scheduling private gym rentals is not possible.


All payments are non-refundable.


Whippersnappers Play Gym offers a fun & safe environment for children and parents to interact, however play and the use of our facility is at your own risk. Basic safety rules posted in the gym area must be followed. Whippersnappers reserves the right to remove a child for misbehavior at any time. A waiver of liability must be signed before entering the gym.


A Comprehensive Waiver of Liability and COVID-19 Certification must be completed by a parent or guardian prior to arrival.  This will be sent to you electronically when you register for a program.  If someone other than the parent/guardian that signs the form will be bringing your child to the gym, that person must also fill out a COVID-19 Certification prior to arrival.  Please email us at info@whippersnappersplaygym.com to receive an electronic copy of this form for the adult that is bringing in your child.  This form is required for all guests entering the building.  If the Comprehensive Waiver is not on file when your child arrives, your child will not be permitted into the gym until it is completed by the parent/guardian.  This form cannot be filled out by a grandparent/nanny/babysitter/etc.